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Angelique says:

"Kelly has been an absolute blessing as my wellness coach. During this time she has taught me how to develop lifestyle HABITS instead of a diet. She encourages me to make decisions for myself and take control of my own lipedema. She is very encouraging and doesn't only focus on what you eat, but your overall wellbeing. Her words of encouragement during the week remind me to stay focused and positive. She is refreshing and a breath of fresh air. Kelly makes me WANT to achieve my goals for myself and has taught me how to allow myself the grace to enjoy life while accomplishing my goals. My thoughts of what it means to nourish my body will forever be changed."

Are you ready to change your life?


I will work with you via Zoom or Skype to create a nutrition plan that works for YOU...your body, your budget, your lifestyle, your food preferences, sensitivities, and allergies.  We will create a program that relies on providing your body the nourishment it needs to battle lipedema, rather than focusing on decreased calories and extreme diets. 

You will learn more about lipedema and better understand how this disease affects your body and your life. I will guide you through at-home options for helping your lipedema tissues be healthier.  With these therapies, women report less pain and inflammation, change in tissue texture, more mobility, and often a reduction of size in areas affected by lipedema. 

Because I believe (and research supports) that health involves more than just your body, I will help you look to Biblical truths and foundations to renew your spirit, find balance, and hold on to hope. As you become more steadfast in your faith, you will see that the One who made you has prepared you for the journey ahead and is guiding you every step of the way.

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