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Did you know that most women cannot find a doctor or other health care provider who can help them if they have, or suspect they have, lipedema? If you are a health care provider and are eager to learn more so you can help the estimated 10% of women who have lipedema, I would love to work with you in person or online! 


I have dedicated over 500 hours to studying this disease, in addition to my health coach certification.  I am an administrator for one of the largest lipedema Facebook groups, which has given me the opportunity to mentor and hear the stories of over 6000 women worldwide, as well as consult with doctors, nutritionists, and those who provide medical devices that are vital to the treatment of lipedema, like vibration plates and lymphatic pumps. I am currently filming a series of lipedema educational videos for patients and medical professionals in collaboration with a colleague who presented at the 2019 Fat Disorders Resource Society Conference . 


I can help you and your staff understand more about this disease, classic signs and symptoms to look for, therapies that are beneficial, comorbidities, and explain practical ways you can help women who are your patients or clients to lead healthier, more productive lives.


If you are a spa or massage therapist, I am available for consultation to see if the services you offer would be helpful for lipedema so I can recommend your business to my own clients or those I speak with online who are needing services in their local area.

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