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Policies & Procedures

  1. Session fees are due in advance unless a prior arrangement has been made. You may pay via Paypal or Venmo.

  2. Complete any paperwork and/or homework you are given.  Assignments need to be sent to my email the day before our session so I have time to review them and be prepared to give you the best coaching possible. Come to sessions with a positive outlook, ready to work with me to meet your goals. 

  3. We will agree on a set number of sessions prior to beginning our coaching. If either of us will be unable to attend a session due to travelling for business or vacation, we will arrange a make-up session accordingly.  Missed sessions are not made up if I do not have at least 24 hours’ notice.  If there is an emergency, we will address it on an individual basis. Repeated requests to reschedule or cancel sessions could lead to termination of coaching without refund.

  4. Between sessions, please email me any information you would like me to have for the following session.  I may have time for a brief response to your email if you need extra guidance between sessions.  However, if you are facing challenges that require more than 1-2 brief responses between sessions, we will need to explore scheduling more frequent paid sessions to meet your needs.

  5. All information shared during our sessions is completely confidential.  I will not share any identifying information about you or your story with anyone without your written permission, except as required by law.

  6. You understand that a Certified Health Coach is not a medical doctor and cannot diagnose or treat any medical or mental condition.  You understand that health coaching is not a substitute for medical treatment or psychotherapy.  You agree not discontinue these types of care or any prescriptions or medical treatment of any kind without the guidance of a medical or mental health professional.

  7. You understand that health coaching is designed to facilitate the development of a healthy lifestyle and wellness goals and to develop and carry out a plan for achieving those goals. While this can improve overall health, and support the body in healing, it is not intended to be a substitute for necessary medical care or professional psychological services.  Referrals for professional services will be given as needed.

  8. You understand that you are fully responsible for your own well-being, including choices you make with regard to your health and wellness. You can choose to discontinue coaching at any time.

  9. At Wildheart Wellness, we care about the whole person, not just your health. As a Certified Biblical Health Coach, I am guided by Biblical principles in both my coaching of clients and business practices. If you are not in agreement with or comfortable with a Bible-based approach, then this is probably not the best coaching option for you.  I do not endorse a particular theological or doctrinal viewpoint, but general Judeo-Christian values are central to what we do.

  10. Coaching only works if the client implements change and is committed to the coaching process.  You hired a coach to help you do things differently.  If you choose to not use the coaching to your benefit, you will get the results you have always gotten.  You may take baby steps or huge leaps, as long as you are moving forward with hope and making positive changes. It is YOUR journey, and you must be invested and consistently involved in the process to see the changes you envision.

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