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Wildheart Wellness Presentations


Looking for a different type of speaker for your next faith-based women's event?  


Living with chronic illness has given me a unique perspective of how God meets us in the midst of struggle.  As I have spoken with women from all over the world who face their own giants and are confronted every day with emotional, spiritual, and physical challenges I have gained a new understanding and compassion.  I have been able to truly grasp what it means to look at the heart, rather than the outward appearance. I have redefined for myself and other women what health looks like in the life of a woman who follows her Messiah.  Living an abundant life of health means loving God with your heart, soul, and strength.

I focus on interactive presentations that combine Biblical truth and practical information for seeing yourself as God sees you so you can fully embrace His plan for your life.

 Current topics include The Blessing of the Wilderness and Becoming a Modern Day Rebekah.

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