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Thalassotherapy and Why I Love It!

Every year we head to the ocean for at least a week. It's never long enough and I always shed tears when we leave. It's the only time in my life that I don't have pain. Within a few days of soaking up sun, sitting in the surf as it sloshes all around me, feeling the sand between my toes (and everywhere else!), and listening to the sound of the waves the pain goes away. I crave the ocean because it soothes my soul and makes me feel somewhat normal again. I always marvel at what the lack of pain feels like and I never want to leave.

Thalassotherapy, the therapeutic use of the ocean and its various components for health, is my favorite. People have been touting the benefits of the sea for as long as humans have been on the planet. Research has been done that show so many positive emotional, mental, and physical results from being in and near the sea. What is so beckoning about a huge expanse of water? Why are we drawn to it? Here's an article that explains a bit about the history, benefits, and ways to replicate some of them at home (though nothing really can, in my opinion!). For me, there is truly nothing better.

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