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Getting on My Last (vagus) Nerve!

Updated: May 21, 2021

The vagus Nerve may not be something you've never thought about much. We hear a lot about other body parts when we have chronic illness and pain. There are, for example, many experts talking about how to improve gut health and more people are talking about the lymph system. We hear about nutrition and different diets and drinking enough water. So why should we think about the vagus nerve?

I won't get too science-y here, but stick with me as I give a very short explanation of what the vagus nerve does. It connects the brain with the gut, running through major organs in the body as it gets there. It affects our heart, lungs, intestinal tract, and even the voice box! Why does this matter if you have a chronic illness like lipedema? Because the vagus nerve interacts with all of these major organs, it influences many body responses like heart rate, stress, digestion, inflammation, and pain!

So, how do we support our vagus nerve and help our bodies function better? The answer is the reason activating the vagus nerve is one of my favorite health regimes! Exercise does stimulate the vagus nerve, but that is not the only way to increase its effectiveness. Even if you're currently having difficulty with mobility or are having pain that makes exercise difficult you can choose another option. Relaxation, deep breathing, gentle movements, rest, prayer, laughing, singing...all ways to improve vagal tone! Pause that hectic lifestyle and enjoy yourself. You'll be helping your health and your chronic condition!

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