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Electrolytes Anyone?

Updated: May 21, 2021

Electrolyte imbalance can play a role in anyone's feeling of wellbeing. Those of us with lipedema, and comorbidities like Hashimoto's, are at greater risk and need to be even more aware of staying hydrated and keeping our electrolyte and mineral levels up. You may wonder if electrolytes and minerals are the same thing. Electrolytes are minerals, but not all minerals are electrolytes. One of my favorite mineral products is Bioplasma, which are dissolvable tablets containing cell salts. Another option I love is either foot or whole body soaks in Dead Sea minerals. Bioplasma and Dead Sea minerals are available on Amazon or your local health food store.

Dr. Izabella Wentz is one of my favorite thyroid experts and her fantastic article on this topic is worth a read if you want to find out why electrolytes are important and if you might need more. Remember that women are more likely to have a low thyroid condition like Hashimoto's (even if your doctor has said your thyroid is "fine") and those with lipedema also tend to have lower levels of important minerals/electrolytes like magnesium. Click the link to Dr. Wentz' article to read, learn, take more control of your own health, and then live your best life!

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