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Beyond Gluten

Updated: May 21, 2021

I read a post by Dr. Amy Myers recently that made a lot of sense to me. It's nothing I haven't heard before, but it was a good reminder of why avoiding gluten may not be enough for some people, including me!

I have noticed over the years since I gave up gluten that there are other foods that make me have similar reactions. I'm one of those people who has such ridiculous reactions to foods that I don't "cheat". The last time I got some cross-contaminated food at a restaurant, I was in bed for 4 days with various non-fun symptoms! Years ago I thought that if I quit eating bread I would feel better and I did, but that was not the end of the story.

Corn, oats, and potatoes are just three of the foods on this list that were causing me problems. It can be disheartening to realize giving up so many foods that contain wheat may not be enough. However, when you understand that there is a place to begin figuring out the puzzle there is hope because if you know gluten causes a reaction in your body, the foods on this list are more likely to be the culprit. Eliminating one of these for a few weeks, evaluating how you're feeling, then reintroducing it to see if it negatively affects you, is a great way to begin your detective work for better health and less time feeling bad because of what you eat.

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